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FCバルセロナ FC Barcelona シーズンのマッチリスト 2018-19

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FC Barcelona was founded by Juan Gamper 1899. Gamper placed an ad in the local newspaper Los Deportes. In the ad he announced that he wanted to start a new football club in Barcelona. However, he did not. As explained on one of Camp Nou’s long sides, FC Barcelona is Més que un club, “more than a club”.

From 1929 and 1985, FC Barcelona won the league ten times and was one of Spain's most successful clubs, even though nowhere near the hated Real Madrid. When the team won the 1990/91 league, it  was the beginning of something huge. Between 1991 and 2017, Barca won the league 14 times and the Champions League 5 times, whereas, during the same period, Real Madrid won 6 Champions League, but “only” eight league titles. Spanish (and European) football has two kings.

In addition to the trophies Barça have raked in, the club is known for their great youth facilities where new talents are nurtured every year. Lots of stars have been trained at FC Barcelona's academy and in 2013 something that marked history happened. It was the first time ever that a world-class team’s starting eleven was made entirely of players who were brought up in the club. The eleven were Valdés, Montoya, Puyol, Piqué, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Fábregas, Pedro, Messi, and Iniesta. A superstar in every position. 

After winning the Liga in 2018, Barcelona are looking to conquer Europe once more in this new 2018/19 season.

FC Barcelona is also the world's most successful sport club, being represented by world-class teams also in basketball, handball and futsal.

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